2011:We Are who We Are
Theme We Are who We Are
Network WOW Television
Songs 22
Presenters Samantha Parker
Laurens Vanthoor
Brittany Snow


News WOW Presenter ABS Presenter
WOW Morning News Charlie Kimball Rupert Svendsen-Cook
Lunchtime News Sam Trammell Rupert Svendsen-Cook
Ashley Tisdale Cassandra Lee
Afternoon News Jean-Eric Vergne Robbie Amell
Katie Cassidy Zendaya Coleman
Newsmagazine Mary Elizabeth Winstead Jolyon Palmer
Early Evening News Graham Rahal none
Katie Cassidy Italia Ricci
Primetime News Laurens Vanthoor Jolyon Palmer
Brittany Snow Erin Sanders
New Year Special Alison Rizer TBD
Laurens Vanthoor Jolyon Palmer
Brittany Snow Erin Sanders


6.30 31.7% 28.0%
7.00 42.4% 36.2%
7.10 43.4% 37.0%
7.30 44.4% 41.7%
7.45 47.8% 43.2%


Rank Show Network Date Rating
1 Cooler Than Me WOW November 29,2010 63.5%
2 Dateline Barrio Obrero CBC July 22,2010
3 Get Outta My Way WOW October 27,2010
4 WOW News Daybreak WOW December 15,2010
5 Showtime SBS July 24,2010
6 Unang Hirit SBS November 10,2010
7 SBS Evening News SBS February 18,2010
8 CBC News Battlecry CBC February 26,2010
9 Dateline Barrio Obrero CBC March 23,2010
10 WOW News Election 2010 WOW August 6-9, 2010

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