TV2 Balita
Genre News Program
Created by TV2
Presented by TV2 News Team
Country of origin Allegheny
Language(s) Tagalog
Executive producer(s) Adam Sutter
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel DOS
Original airing March 21,2011
Preceded by TV2 Balita
Related shows Channel One News


News Presenter Term Previous Role
Channel Two Umagang Balita Richard Westbrook 2011-present
Channel Two Balita Ala-Una Chris Walker 2011-present
Louise Roe 2011-present
Channel Two Balita Alas-Sais Yael Yuzon 2011-present
Regine Angeles 2011-present
Channel Two Balita Alas-Nuebe Alex Lynn 2011-present
Kelsey Chow 2011-present
Channel Two Balita Alas-Onse Taylor Cole 2011-present
Channel Two Balita Uplate 2011-present

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