Network Four News
Genre News Program
Created by N4
Presented by Network Four News Team
Country of origin Alodia
Executive producer(s) Robert Hall
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel N4
Original run February 14,2011 – March 13,2011
Followed by Four News (Alodia)

Regular PresentersEdit


News Presenter Term Previous Role
Network Four News Early Cat Deeley 2011-present
N4 Business James Nash 2011-present
The 11am Project Cesar Ramos 2011-present
Natalie Portman 2011-present
Network Four News Daily Randy Santiago 2011-present
Debby Ryan 2011-present
Dateline Callan McAuliffe 2011-present
Network Four Evening News Aimee Teegarden 2011-present
Jazeman Jaafar 2011-present
Network Four Nightly News Toni Gonzaga 2011-present
John Estrada 2011-present
Network Four Newsnight Rachel Alejandro 2011-present
Network Four Sports Arwind Santos 2011-present
Network Four Overnight News Ted Failon 2011-present
Karen Davila 2011-present


A.M. Alodia


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