Country Name Government Notes
Allegheny Holy Name Society Party In Government
Australia Australian Independent Society Party Active but unregistered New South Wales
South Australia
Austria Österreichische Gesellschaft Party Active but registered
Belgian Belgische Overlast Association Beweging Active but unregistered
Bieber New Nuisance Party in opposition
Brazil Partido 23 de Julho Active but unregistered
Canada Canadian Nuisance Party Active but unregistered Ontario and Quebec Only
Charlatan Mandy Lane Party in opposition
Chile Partido Molestias Active but unregistered
Colombia Partido Estorbo Colombiano Active but unregistered
Denmark Dansk Gener Folkeparti Active but unregistered
Dripland Nuisance Alliance in opposition
Finland Suomen Haitat puolue Active but unregistered
France Parti pour une société de nuisance de la France Active but unregistered
Germany Deutsch Ärgernis Gesellschaft Partei Active but registered
Italy Partito Fastidio Società delle Italiana Active but unregistered
Neringa Nuisance People's Party in opposition
Netherlands Nederlandse Vereniging Partij Active but unregistered
Oleva Social Nuisance Party in opposition
Philippines People's Reform Party in opposition
Philippines New Society Movement in opposition
Russian Мешающего партия России Active but unregistered
Spain Partido Sociedad Española de Estorbo Active but registered
Sweden Swedish Society Party-The Pink Bikini Active but registered
Tilland Social Harmony Party in opposition
United Kingdom New Society Party Active but registered
United States Pink Bikini Party Active but unregistered 13 States Only

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