Teams Debut Season Final Season
Concepcion Carrier
Crispa Redmanizers
Mariwasa-Noritake Porcelainmakers
Presto Ice Cream
Royal Tru-Orange
Seven-Up Uncolas
Tanduay Rhum Makers
Toyota Comets
U-Tex Wranglers
Carrier Weathermakers
Mariwasa Porcelainmakers
Great Taste Coffee Makers
Toyota Tamaraws
Mariwasa Honda Panthers
Gilbey's Gin Tonics


Teams Debut Season Final Season
Galleon Shippers
San Miguel Beermen
Finance Inc. Funders
St. George Whiskies
Presto Ice Cream
Toyota Super Corollas
Toyota Comets
Galerie Dominique Artistas
Winston Kings
Beer Hausen Brewmasters
Country Fair Hotdogs
Gold Eagle Beermen
Northern Consolidated Cement
Ginebra San Miguel
Magnolia Ice Cream
Manila Beermen
Northern Consolidated Cement
Shell Azodrin Bugbusters
Alaska Milkmen
Magnolia Cheese Makers
Formula Shell Spark Aiders
Hills Bros. Coffee Kings
San Miguel Beermen
Alaska Air Force
Añejo Rhum 65ers
Presto Ice Cream Magic
Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs
Shell Oilers
Formula Shell Super Zoomers


  1. Pepsi Bottlers
  2. Pop Cola Bottlers
  3. Shell Rimula X Oilers
  4. Diet Sarsi
  5. Presto Tivolis
  6. Shell Rimula X
  7. 7-Up Bottlers
  8. Alaska Milkmen
  9. Swift Mighty Meaties
  10. Coney Island Ice Cream Stars
  11. Sta. Lucia Realtors
  12. Pepsi Mega Hotshots
  13. Tondeña 65 Rhum Masters
  14. Sunkist Orange Juicers
  15. Formula Shell Zoom Masters
  16. Mobiline Cellulars
  17. Sunkist Orange Bottlers
  18. Gordon's Gin Boars
  19. Purefoods Corned Beef Cowboys
  20. Pop Cola 800s
  21. Purefoods Carne Norte Beefies
  22. Barangay Ginebra Kings
  23. Mobiline Phone Pals
  24. Pop Cola 800s
  25. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs
  26. Tanduay Rhum Masters


  1. Batang Red Bull Energizers
  2. Shell Velocity
  3. Alaska Aces
  4. Batang Red Bull Thunder
  5. Pop Cola Panthers
  6. Shell Turbo Chargers
  7. Coca Cola Tigers
  8. FedEx Express
  9. Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
  10. Red Bull Thunder
  11. Purefoods TJ Hotdogs
  12. Air21 Express
  13. Purefoods Chunkee Giants
  14. Red Bull Barako
  15. Welcoat Dragons
  16. Magnolia Beverage Masters
  17. Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants
  18. Barako Bull Energy Boosters
  19. Burger King Whoppers
  20. Rain or Shine Elasto Painters
  21. Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters
  22. Barako Energy Coffee Masters
  23. Derby Ace Llamados


  1. Meralco Bolts
  2. Powerade Tigers

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