TV2 Balita
Genre News Program
Created by TV2
Presented by TV2 News Team
Country of origin Allegheny
Language(s) Tagalog
Executive producer(s) Adam Sutter
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel TV2
Original run February 7,2011 – March 18,2011
Preceded by WOW Balita
Followed by Channel Two Balita
Related shows TV1 News
ABC News Channel
TV4 News
MTV News


  • Jamie Alexander
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Ariel Winter
  • Gillian Zinser
  • Dominika Juillet
  • Perrey Reeves
  • Sarah Shahi
  • Louise Roe
  • Sanaa Lathan
  • Cassie Scerbo


News Presenter Term Previous Role
TV2 Balita Alas-Singko Julia Jones 2011-present
WOW Balita Ala-Una Alex Lynn 2011-present
Taylor Cole 2011-present
WOW Balita Alas-Siyete Gilbert Rono 2011-present
Louise Roe 2011-present
WOW Balita Alas-Nuebe Darwin Galvez 2011-present
Kelsey Chow 2011-present
WOW Balita Alas-Onse Eftihios Ellinas 2011-present
WOW Balita sa Magdamag Sam Tordoff 2011-present
Whitney Port 2011-present


  • Jennifer Yanza
  • Emmanuel Vargas
  • Rench Lacasa
  • Darwin Quintero
  • Gilbert Rono
  • Renato Bautista
  • Jonathan Guevarra
  • Auralyn Lagao
  • Ailyn Idgalino
  • Cholo Binuya
  • Jeffrey Yanza
  • Mark Joseph Castillo
  • Jaymel Custodio
  • Mary Garce Mangilit
  • Orlando Abad



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