Network Five News
Genre News Program
Created by N5
Presented by N5 News Team
Country of origin Allegheny
Language(s) English
Running time 30 minutes
1 hours
90 minutes
Original channel N5
Original airing February 21,2011
Preceded by ABS News

Main PresentersEdit


News Presenter Term Previous Role
TV5 News Early Cassandra Lee 2009-present
Unang Hirit Blakdyak 2011-present
Charee Pineda 2011-present
TV5 News at One O'Clock Trevor Donovan 2011-present
TV5 News at Five O'Clock Brooke Burke 2011-present
Tom Gladdis 2011-present
A Current Affair James Courtney 2010-present
TV5 Nightly News Jason Kennedy 2011-present
Alexandra Morgan 2011-present
Twenty-Four Hours Jana Harris 2010-present
TV5 Eyewitness News Julie Benz 2011-present
Patrick Dempsey 2011-present
TV5 News:Overnight TBA 2011-present
TBA 2011-present



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