WOW News
Genre News Program
Created by WOW TV
Presented by WOW News Team
Country of origin Allegheny
Language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Amanda Righetti
Running time 30 minutes (6.00,15.00,23.30)
1 hours (12.00,17.00,22.00)
90 minutes (18.30)
Original channel WOW Television
Original run November 22,2010 – February 20,2011
Preceded by ABC News
Followed by TV1 News
Related shows WOW TWO News


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WOW (August)Edit

Main article: WOW News/August 2010-November 2010

WOW (November)Edit

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Main article: WOW News/2011-2012

Regular PresentersEdit


News Presenter Term Previous Role
WOW News Early Julia Jones 2010-present
Business Today Thiemo Storz 2009-present
WOW News Battlecry Christian Vietoris 2009-present
Josie Loren 2009-present
WOW Morning News Felix Rosenqvist 1987-present
WOW News at Mid-Day Chris Colfer 2010-present
Cara Bouno 2010-present
WOW News at Five Sarah Hyland 2011-present
Harry Tincknell 2010-present
Public Affairs Mary Elizabeth Winstead 2006-present
WOW News at Six-Thirty Alexander Sims 2009-present
Kate Mara 2010-present
Carlos Munoz 2011-present
WOW News Tonight Laurens Vanthoor 1987-present
Samantha Parker 2007-present
WOW Late News Sarah Shahi 2010-present
Sports Tonight Jesse Williams 2010-present
WOW News Uplate Renger van der Zande 2009-present
Tammin Sursok 2009-present


List of Charlatan Newsreaders

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